Spoiled Rotten: Birthday Weekend

Hey, y’all!

I didn’t need to do a Spoil Me Sunday this week because I’ve been absolutely spoiled all weekend! Thursday was my birthday, so my husband and I took a 4-day weekend. Before the weekend even started, my office roomie, Jessi, was so sweet and gave me the DIY Masks kit pictured above as a birthday present. I can’t want to try it out!

There are links throughout this post for various things we tried and places we went. These aren’t affiliate links; I just like sharing, especially when it comes to local businesses!


We started off the day with lunch at Fogo de Chão, which was delicious as always. Jeff’s aunt and uncle had given us a gift card for Christmas, so that made it even better. Yeah, we’re trying to eat mostly vegetarian, but that was out the window this weekend, and I have zero regrets. If you’ve never been to Fogo de Chão before, it’s a Brazilian churrascaria; other similar restaurants are Texas de Brazil and Chama Gaucha. A dozen different cuts of meat are brought out on large skewers and sliced right onto your plate. You can choose from beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, and they’ll keep bringing you more until you tell them to stop. It’s a meat-lover’s paradise, but it’s a great place for vegetarians, too. The salad bar is fantastic with a wide variety of green salads, grains, fruits, and cheeses. It’s probably one of my favorite restaurants on the planet.

After lunch, we had a few minutes to kill so we stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on Zevia, and we got some Mochi ice cream, which I’d never tried before. They look kind of like dipped Oreos, but they’re different flavors of ice cream wrapped in various flavors of Mochi, which is a sweet rice dough. Jeff got Chocolate Espresso, Navel Orange, and Pistachio; I got Green Tea (a little disappointing), Chocolate Mint, and White Chocolate Raspberry. If I were to get it again, I think I’d stick with the fruity flavors because they taste so light and refreshing.

Then it was time for our couples massage at Massage Oasis. We first discovered this place when Jeff’s mom got him a gift certificate while he was studying for the CFA. This place is the absolute best. They use traditional massage techniques, which includes walking on your back, if you want them to. My masseuse found tight spots I didn’t even know were there. I felt a little tender when we left, but soooooo relaxed. A full tummy and a full body massage makes for a perfect birthday, especially when it’s spent with your favorite person. 🙂


Why confine birthday celebration to just one day? We started out with brunch at Se7en Bites for Burger Friday. This is one of our favorite brunch restaurants in Orlando, and part of what keeps it interesting is that the menu rotates. They have some staple items that are always on the menu, but on Fridays their burgers rotate, and on weekends, they have a specials menu that changes each week. I was hoping the “Italian Stallion” burger would be on the menu (a delicious thick patty with a plank of fried mozzarella on top), but it wasn’t, so I went with the 7th Heaven (pimento cheese and bacon). Their 5-cheese mac & cheese is to die for, so we shared some. You can’t go to Se7en Bites without checking out their sweets counter, though. Homemade magnificence that changes just like the savory menu: some staples are always available (one of my favorites is the “Don’t Fudge With Me” bar cookie) and some specials rotate through (we got a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bread Pudding to take home). We also picked up a slice of cake to act as my birthday cake–dark chocolate stout cake. So freaking delicious. Seriously, if you live in Orlando and haven’t been to Se7en Bites, get on it! If you ever come to visit, don’t miss out!

PS: Get there early, and if you see the line out the door, don’t freak out–it moves quickly.

PPS: If you go on Sunday after 10:30, they serve fresh homemade cinnamon rolls. Like with everything else, there’s a staple (classic cinnamon) and a special flavor that rotates (I’ve had butter pecan and s’more for example.) They sell them until they run out.

Once we made sure we had full tummies, we checked out Bulk Nation. I’d passed by it a hundred times, but I assumed it was another health food store like GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, so I didn’t pay much attention. Turns out it’s a bulk food store that has an incredible selection of everything from beans to dried fruits to grains to coffee to candy. We will definitely be going back. I stopped by Ulta, too, to get some things and pick up my birthday gift. Not everything I was buying was in stock, so I’ll post about my haul once the last few items arrive.

Next came the facial (cue the angel chorus), which was my birthday present from Jeff. I go to Lavender Spa in Celebration for waxing and facials, but I didn’t feel like driving all the way over there for my facial, so Jeff found The Skin Studio in Baldwin Park. Amy was very knowledgable and friendly, and she didn’t mind answering all my questions. I really enjoyed my signature enzyme facial, and she used some tools on me that I really want to buy for myself now! I’m looking at you My Skin Buddy, and I need to do more research on ultrasonic skin scrubbers, but I really want one for extractions at home.

We went and saw Incredibles 2, which we really enjoyed. It was hilarious, but I wanted more Edna Mode. 🙂


After all the indulging I’d done, I decided to kick my own butt by going to 3 classes in a row at Elevated Fitness. I started out with Flexibility to get my muscles warm (they were still tender from the massage). Then Aerial Yoga increased the blood flow and decompressed my spine. Finally finished off with Silks, which is always a great calorie burner. I’m definitely feeling my abs today.

Later in the afternoon we started slowly getting back to reality by grocery shopping, working on laundry, blah, blah, blah. I countered that with watching some nostalgic movies like A Troll in Central Park and Homeward Bound on our Amazon Firestick. It’s all about balance and feeding your inner child. 🙂


Today is all about sleeping in, meal prepping, blogging, and finishing up laundry. It’s been a wonderful weekend with my best friend, and the birthday wishes from near and far have been truly humbling. It’s also Father’s Day! Don’t forget to call the important father figures in your life to tell them how much they mean to you!

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Have a great week!


Sarah xoxo

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