ipsy Glam Bag Review: July 2018

Hey, y’all!

Summer isn’t over yet, and this month’s super cute shimmery aqua bag is perfect for taking to the pool. The theme around this month’s products was all about keeping your skin and hair healthy and happy, in spite of all the sun, sand, salt, and chlorine. I loved that there were so many waterproof products you could get in your bag. Look at what I got!

Studio Skin Concealer in “Light”

from Smashbox Cosmetics

Photo of Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer in "Light" from Smashbox Cosmetics
$25 for .08 fl. oz.; Smashbox Cosmetics

It’s waterproof, hydrating, cruelty-free, oil-free, and has a matte finish. What’s not to love? It does a great job of staying put all day, even through a sweaty gym session. Not to mention, hooray for getting a full-size item! My only complaint is that it doesn’t have full enough coverage to completely conceal the dark circles under my eyes, so I’m still using my Shape Tape for that.

My Rating: 4/5

City Chic Eyeshadow in “Skinny Latte”

from City Color Cosmetics

Photo of City Chic Eye Shadow in "Skinny Latte" from City Color Cosmetics
$3.99; City Color Cosmetics

I’ve gotten City Color Cosmetics eyeshadows from ipsy before, and I love them! The formula has a smooth application with no fallout, plus there’s the great pigmentation, huge pan size, and really affordable price point. This color caught me by surprise because I thought it would be a shimmery light taupe that I could use as an all-over color when I’m low on time. It ended up coming out a LOT lighter and WAY more shimmery than I anticipated. I can basically only use it as a highlighting shade without looking like I just walked out of an early 2000s music video. Lesson learned.

My Rating: 4/5

Pure Skin Face Cleanser

from First Aid Beauty

Photo of sample size Pure Skin Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty
$10 for 2 oz.; First Aid Beauty

I got this cleanser in my glam bag a few months ago and liked it. It’s got antioxidants to protect my skin, it’s fragrance-free, and it’s pH balanced to maintain skin’s natural acidity. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry after I use it. This is perfect to have in my travel bag!

My Rating: 4/5

Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream

from H2O+ Beauty

Photo of sample size Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream from H2O+ Beauty
$42 for 1.7 fl. oz.; H2O+ Beauty

This water-gel cream moisturizer feels sooooo nice–I wish the sample was bigger! It has water lily extract to condition my skin and illuminating pigments to give it a subtle glow. I can feel a difference in my skin’s moisture level after using this. I love this product, but I probably won’t spring for a full-size jar.

My Rating: 5/5

I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in “Whiskey”

from Beauty For Real

Photo of I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in "Whiskey" from Beaty for Real
$14; Beauty For Real

This is a brand I’d never heard of before, so I was interested to try this gel eyeliner out. It’s waterproof, made with Vitamin E, and cruelty-free! The fact that it’s retractable makes it convenient, but it also means you can’t get a super tight, defined line. The formula is fine for sensitive skin, if that’s a concern, and this shade is a lovely warm brown with a subtle shimmer. It’s nice to be able to change it up from black to something else that I can still wear to work. 🙂

My Rating: 4/5

This month’s bag had an average rating of 4.2–the highest one of 2018 so far! How many of these products have you tried?

Any new favs in your July beauty subscription(s)? Tell me all about ’em!


Sarah xoxo

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Photo of my March ipsy Glam Bag

ipsy Glam Bag Review: March 2018

Hey, y’all!

A new month, a new Glam Bag! The theme for this month’s Glam Bag was #ipsycreate, so it was a black and white design by Priscilla Witte, and it came with 2 markers (mine were pink and blue) to make it your own work of art. I thought it was a really cute idea. Wanna see what was inside? Keep reading!

Good Night! PM Sheet Mask

from Meg Cosmetics

Photo of Good Night! PM Sheet Mask from Meg Cosmetics
$6 ea.; Meg Cosmetics

If you’ve read previous posts, you know I’m always down to try new masks, but I have yet to encounter a sheet mask that I fall in love with and want to repurchase. The Tea Tree oil and Rosemary extract give this mask a very clean smell with just a hint of citrus, which was nice. I will say that of all the sheet masks I’ve tried, this one fit me the best. I have a high forehead, and a lot of the Korean brand masks stop like an inch below my hairline. This one came all the way up to about 1/4″ below my hairline, so there’s that. This one left my face feeling super sticky long after I had removed the mask, which was annoying. I think I’ve realized, though, that my biggest frustration with sheet masks is that none of them fit my face well. Besides the forehead issue, I have yet to find one that will stay adhered to the sides of my nose without encroaching on the outer corners of my eyes. It seems that until I find the unicorn of sheet masks, I won’t be buying the same one twice. Same goes for this one. Le sigh.

My Rating: 3/5

Glow Duo

from City Color Cosmetics

Photo of Glam Duo Highlighter from City Color Cosmetics
$5.99; City Color Cosmetics

I love a good highlighter, and I’ve been impressed by everything I’ve tried from City Color Cosmetics thus far, so I was excited to give this a whirl.

The powder side is a little more glittery than I would normally use for everyday makeup, so I only used it (sparingly) on my cheekbones. I didn’t use it to highlight my nose, chin, cupid’s bow, etc. The color is gorgeous, and it goes on like a dream.

The cream side is more subtle, so I used that for highlighting the rest of my face. It’s got a nice buttery texture, but it’s nice and light. I also tried layering it over the powder on my cheekbones, and the effect was really pretty. Definitely going to keep experimenting with this.

My Rating: 4/5

SL41 Blusher Brush

from SLMISSGLAM Beauty

Photo of SL41 Blusher Brush from SLMISSGLAM Beauty

The bulk of my brushes came from Amazon, but every now and then I’ll splurge on a particular brush. Getting them in my Glam Bag is even better! I’ve gotten a brush from SLMISSGLAM before in a previous Glam Bag, and I literally use it every day. My only complaint about that brush was that it was teal, so it didn’t go with my other brushes that are predominantly pink and black. I was super excited to get another SLMISSGLAM brush this month, and this one is pink! Bonus that it’s sparkly, too. 🙂

SLMISSGLAM Beauty doesn’t sell individual brushes, unfortunately. At the moment, their sets range from $38.50 for a set of 2 to $325 for a set of 25. As I expected, the (synthetic) bristles are super soft and easy to clean. At first I was a little concerned that it wasn’t dense enough to apply my blush/highlighter/etc. effectively because of how it compared to my other blush brushes, but it ended up doing a great job of blending it out for a natural looking glow. Love, love, love!

My Rating: 5/5

Sex Kitten Eyeliner

from Tarte Cosmetics

Photo of sample size Sex Kitten Eyeliner from Tarte Cosmetics
$20 for full size; Tarte Cosmetics

I had tried a sample of this eyeliner from Ulta before and liked it, so I didn’t mind seeing it in my Glam Bag this month. My personal eyeliner preference is gel for my waterline and liquid for my upper lid, so this wouldn’t be my first choice. I can use it on my waterline, and it’s ok, but it doesn’t last. When I used it on my upper lid, it went on smoothly without any skipping or tugging, and it lasted all day long. I wouldn’t purchase the full-size, but that’s not because it’s a bad product. It’s just not my thing.

My Rating: 2/5

Freematic Eyeshadow Mono in “Lola”

from Doucce

Photo of Freematic Eyeshadow Mono in
$10 ea.; Doucce

Eyeshadow is one of my favorite parts of doing my makeup, so I’m always game for trying new brands. A friend of mine gave me a Doucce palette she had received and didn’t want, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to play with it much. “Lola” is a really pretty pinkish purple that can work for daytime or evening, depending on what other colors you use with it to contour. It applies really smoothly with zero fallout; the color isn’t super vibrant when you first apply, but it’s buildable, which is nice. Not 100% sure I’d buy other colors, but I’m not writing it off.

My Rating: 4/5

This month’s Glam Bag had an average rating of 3.6. I always like getting brushes, and I liked the mix of skincare and makeup in my bag. I might need to change my profile preferences to nix sheet masks, but I’ll leave it alone for now.

Are you a member of a subscription service? What fun things did you receive this month? Leave a comment to let me know!

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Have a fabulous weekend!


Sarah xoxo

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