Yes, Oh Yas! January 2019

Hey, ya’ll!

Lots of pretty things in my first Yes, Oh Yas! box of 2019! Let’s get right to it.

*Note: prices listed as photo captions are what I found on the respective product websites at the time of posting. Retail values below my descriptions are what was listed by Yes, Oh Yas! based on the information they received from the individual partner companies.

Longwear Matte Lipgloss in “Kiss Me”

from Beauty Creations Cosmetics

Photo of Long-Wear Matte Lipgloss in "Kiss Me" from Beauty Creations
$4.99; Beauty Creations

I knew I liked Beauty Creations’ eyeshadow formula, but it seems their matte liquid lipstick is a winner, too! (I don’t know why they call it a gloss, but I digress.) First of all, the color is super flattering. More importantly, though, it lasts all day! After eating beef chili for lunch, I only saw the tiiiiiniest bit of fading around the center of my mouth, but it wasn’t bad enough to warrant a touch-up. For the price point, I’d definitely recommend giving this a shot if matte liquid lippies are your jam.

Retail Value: $8 USD

10-Color OMG Eyeshadow Collection Palette

from Crown Pro

Photo of 10-Color OMG Eyeshadow Collection from Crown Brush
$9.99; Crown Pro

I was really torn about whether or not to keep this palette, but then I saw the richness of the colors and found it hard to resist. I’ve been receiving so many neutral and warm tone palettes lately that they’re getting a little boring. While those are useful for everyday looks, the jewel tones in this palette are difficult to turn down! I can’t wait to take them out for a test run on a weekend look. There’s a nice mix of matte and shimmers, and the pans are a pretty generous size. I did experience a little fallout with some of the more neutral shades. Sigh.

Retail Value: $10

Universe’s Star Highlighter in “Twilight”

from Inmo Beauty

Photo of Universe's Star Highlighter in "Twilight" from Inmo Beauty
$10; Inmo Beauty

While I’m generally a lover of highlighters, this one was too orange for my taste, and I’ve already got so many to get through. This one’s going into the giveaway bag! It’s a nice subtle finish–not glittery at all, just a little glow.

Retail Value: $10

Charcoal Pigment

from Appeal Cosmetics

Photo of Charcoal Pigment from Appeal Cosmetics
$21 for .08 oz.; Appeal Cosmetics

Loose pigment eyeshadows seem to be a popular beauty box item this month, since I got one in my ipsy bag, too. This charcoal is stunning, with just the right amount of shimmer to take your classic smoky eye to the next level by adding more dimension. Even though I tapped the excess of my brush before applying, I still ended up with some fallout on my cheekbones. I guess it’s not too surprising with a loose powder eyeshadow.

Retail Value: $21

Luxury Gold Glitter Nail Lacquer

from NCLA Beauty

$18 for the duo; NCLA Beauty

Just because New Year’s has passed doesn’t mean glitter season is over (is it ever, really?) Anyone who uses nail polish can always use a good gold glitter in their collection. You can use a single coat over your favorite color to make your nails pop, or you can use multiple coats alone to amp up the bling. (What you see in the picture above is one coat.) Only time will tell how the durability fares. This color is called “This is Hollywood,” but I think you can only get it as part of the Hollywood Glam duo (one silver, one gold.) It’s also currently on sale. 🙂

Retail Value: $21

Total Value: $70*

*If you go by the current website prices, the total comes out to $54.98. For $14.99 + shipping, you’re missing out if you’re not a subscriber!

Any beauty products you’re determined to try in 2019? Leave a comment to tell me about them! Maybe I’ll have to add some of them to my list. 🙂


Sarah xoxo

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