Spoil Me Sunday: Guilt-Free Day Drinking

Hey, y’all!

What better way to kick off my birthday week than a lazy Sunday Funday? I’m taking off Thursday (my birthday) and Friday, so only a 3 day work week this coming week. (Yes, please!) We had enough leftovers from last week, so lunch meal prep is already taken care of. (Winning!)

Who doesn’t love a refreshing afternoon cocktail on a hot Sunday afternoon? It’s even more enjoyable when it’s 100% guilt-free! A Moscow Mule is so refreshing and with just a few ingredients, it’s so simple.

The Ingredients


As I mentioned, there aren’t many ingredients required to make a Moscow Mule:

  • 2oz of vodka (I’m not super picky about brand, and part of my purchase of this brand at Total Wine went to charity)
  • 3oz of Ginger beer–I substituted Ginger Ale Zevia, instead, and I wasn’t picky about the amount
  • 1oz of lime juice
  • Ice
  • Lime wedge for garnish (I skipped that)

I absolutely love Zevia soda. I drink one pretty much every day, and I don’t even remember the last time I had a regular soda. It comes in 14 different flavors, has zero calories, and is sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar. The Ginger Ale is delicious and is a delicious substitute for Ginger beer in this drink recipe–it’s what makes this cocktail guilt-free!

The Preparation

Preparing this drink is ridiculously simple: combine the first 4 ingredients in a copper mug (optional), stir, and garnish with a lime wedge (also optional). (The necessity of a copper mug is debatable, but you can read about the reasoning here.) I got this gorgeous set of 4 copper mugs with copper straws on Amazon for less than $50. Instead of measuring out the Zevia, I just poured the vodka and lime juice over ice, topped it off with Zevia, and stirred. No calories, no need to measure. 🙂

The flavor is a delicious combination of sweet and tangy, and it’s so refreshing on a hot afternoon! Low-cal? I think I’ll have two. 🙂

What’s your favorite summer drink recipe? Please share in the comments!

Have a fabulous week!


Sarah xoxo

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The Kitchen Appliance I Can’t Live Without

(Ok, so there are two, but I’ll talk about my Ninja another time.) The kitchen appliance we use every single week, without fail, is our slow cooker. Heck, we love using a slow cooker so much that we have 2!

Our first one is a secondhand 4qt (?) that some friends gave us when they were moving. We don’t know how we survived so long without one. Look, I can follow a recipe like any other competent human being, but Jeff is definitely the cook in our household (I’m sous chef!) because he actually enjoys cooking. Regardless, neither of us feels like cooking during the week after working a full day and commuting, so we meal prep lunch and dinner on weekends. We struggle to find recipes that:

  1. taste good
  2. reheat well
  3. don’t have a lot of time-consuming prep work
  4. aren’t a total calorie bomb.

It’s a tall order to fill, but we’re slowly building a collection. For lunch, we’ll usually try to do something that’s a meat and veggie all-in-one, like a chili or a hearty stew (minus potatoes). Trying to prep 10 servings of something like that all at once is how we ended up with our second slow cooker. We were trying a new chili recipe, and realized in the middle of prepping the ingredients that our little slow cooker wasn’t going to be big enough. We had to find something we could pick up in a store that day, so we ended up ordering this 6qt for pick-up from Target:

Photo of Slow Cooker from Target.com
Image credit: Target.com; $49.49

We absolutely love it! You can program it to cook based on the temperature reading from the detachable meat probe, which is perfect for things like roasts. We tend to program the time, instead, and it will automatically switch to “Warm” mode when the timer goes off. If we hadn’t been under a time crunch, it would have been nice to get a slow cooker with a delay start feature and/or Wifi capability, but since we use it during the weekend, this is great, and it was reasonably priced. We always use a slow cooker liner, so cleaning up is super easy. Being able to run both slow cookers at once, one for lunch and one for dinner, is such a tremendous time saver. The hard part is done before the week even starts, so it eliminates the classic “It’s been a long day, and I don’t feel like cooking, so let’s just pick something up” excuse.

For dinner, we’ll usually do some sort of meat entrĂ©e and then just steam fresh veggies each night, since that’s super easy and quick, and the veggies are never as good reheated. Again, it can be difficult to find a recipe that meets all of our criteria, so we get excited when we strike gold! This week, we tried a new recipe, and it’s definitely one we’ll be using again:

Photo of Pork Roast from Six Sisters' Stuff
Image credit: Six Sisters’ Stuff

It makes 6-8 servings; by making 8 servings using a 3lb pork loin roast, low-sodium Worcestershire sauce, and balsamic vinegar with no added sugar, the nutrition facts according to the Recipe feature on MyFitnessPal came out to:


Keep in mind that those numbers include the sauce that you make at the end and pour over the roast, which you don’t end up eating most of. We sliced the roast prior to cooking to make it easier to portion out, and we cooked it on high for 6 hours (we’d probably do 5 next time) so that it came out tender but not completely falling apart. Jeff was concerned that the vinegar taste was going to be overpowering because of how much it calls for, but the honey complements it really nicely and balances the flavor out. I definitely recommend it!

Do you have a slow cooker? Where do you find tasty healthy recipes? Which kitchen appliance can you not live without? Leave a comment, and let me know!


–Sarah xoxo