Yes, Oh Yas! February 2019

Hey, ya’ll!

Sorry I’m a little late on this one. Between February being a short month and celebrating our wedding anniversary last weekend, I’m a little behind on my posts. This month’s YOY box had 7 items! Check ’em out.

*Note: prices listed as photo captions are what I found on the respective product websites at the time of posting. This month Yes, Oh Yas! stopped listing individual item prices and just provided the total suggested MSRP, based on the information they received from the individual partner companies.

Waterproof Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in “525 Royal Blue”

from Kokie Cosmetics

Photo of Waterproof Velvet Smooth Eyeliner in 525 Royal Blue from Kokie Cosmetics
$6; Kokie Cosmetics

Ok, truth time: as soon as I saw this blue eyeliner, I was really hesitant to give it a try. Other than the occasional deep plum or olive, I tend to shy away from bold colors. After reading some tips online, I went for it…and I ended up loving the finished look! This liner glided on like a dream, and I was able to smudge it beautifully. It made my hazel eyes pop without looking over-the-top. It’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then, even in little ways. 🙂

Emerald Eyeshadow Palette

from Beauty Creations

Photo of Emerald Palette from Beauty Creations
$11.99: Beauty Creations

First off, I’m confused about the actual name of this palette. Clearly it says “Emerald” but on the Beauty Creations website it’s called “Esmeralda.” Huh?

Anyway, as far as the palette itself, I love how many mattes it has. I feel like the tones are more autumn than spring, but at least most of the colors are subdued enough to use for work. With all of the palettes I’ve been getting, I need to have a de-potting party soon!

Lip Crayon in “Dangerous”

from Bang Beauty

$18; Bang Beauty

This was another product I was hesitant to try because the color was outside of my normal palette. I was brave, but as soon as I applied it, I regretted everything. I didn’t feel like I could pull it off at full intensity (this was too far out of my comfort zone.) I blotted it (quite a few times), so it ended up being more sheer, which I didn’t mind one bit. I ended up using it as more of a lip stain, which worked out okay. I’m not sure how often I’ll wear it, though, because even after blotting it’s still so. dang. bright.

Crease Brush, Angled Brush, & Small Concealer Brush

from Inmo Cosmetics

Photo of Crease Brush, Angled Brush, and Small Concealer Brush from Inmo Cosmetics

You can’t buy any of these individually, but they come as part of the 12-piece “Essentials” set.

  • Crease Brush (top): I got one of these from ipsy recently, so this new one is going in my giveaway bag.
  • Angled Brush (middle): Unlike my other angled brushes, this one has shorter bristles, so it helps me apply shadow on the outer corner of my eyes with a little more control.
  • Concealer Brush (bottom): I don’t see myself using this very often for concealer because it’s pretty small, but it could come in handy for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes.

Wholly Addiction Eyeliner in “Shimmer Bronze”

from J.Cat Beauty

Photo of Wholly Addiction Pro Define Eyeliner in "Shimmer Bronze" from J.Cat Beauty
$2.99; Beauty

I’m reeeeeeally not a fan of regular wooden pencil eyeliners. They tug and skip, and I love a clean defined line. I just swatched this one, and then added it to the giveaway bag. Meh. Reasonable price point, at least.

Total Value: $93*

*If you go by the current website prices, the total comes out to $50.23 (I took the brush set and divided by 12 to estimate each brush’s value.) For $14.99 + shipping, those are some great savings!

Any new favorite products in February? Leave a comment, and do tell!


Sarah xoxo

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