Ireland Adventures Pt. 1: Kilkenny & Waterford

Hey, y’all!

As I mentioned in previous posts, we recently went on our belated honeymoon and decided to go to Ireland. It was absolutely gorgeous, and we were so sad to have to leave. We did a “Fly & Drive” travel package from Gate1 Travel, which was perfect. We had the freedom to go at our own pace and be spontaneous if something caught our eye.

Day 1: Getting There

We flew United Airlines from Orlando to DC and then DC to Dublin. The flight from Orlando to DC was delayed because the AC wasn’t working (oh hell no). With a 4 hour layover in DC, it was no big deal. The flight from DC was delayed because one of the windowsills in the exit row came off (what the what?)

Day 2: Hit the Road!

We flew overnight and landed in Dublin a little before 10am local time. Customs moved slowly but steadily, and then it was time to pick up the rental car and hit the road! Jeff did the driving for the majority of the trip because adding another driver cost an extra €10 a day. Driving on the left took some getting used to, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. The Irish love their roundabouts, even when it comes to highways!



Our first destination was the town of Kilkenny to see Kilkenny Castle. It was built in 1195 and was restored and added onto over the centuries, so it’s a combination of different architecture styles (hi, nerd here.) There were also some lovely gardens, and we were really enjoying the cool weather–okay, me more so than Jeff, but whatever :). We didn’t go inside because we couldn’t stay long. We had to get to Waterford!


Waterford is the oldest city in the Republic of Ireland, and it’s the home of the House of Waterford Crystal (big surprise there). We made it just in time to catch the last factory tour of the day! The level of craftsmanship was incredibly impressive to witness in person. We bought a souvenir sterling silver Christmas ornament from the gift shop. We would have bought crystal, but we still had a whole trip and flight home ahead of us.

After our first pint and real meal in Ireland, it was time to head to our first castle hotel of the trip: Faithlegg House Hotel & Golf Club. After a long 2 days of traveling, we were happy to finally take a hot shower and get some sleep.

Coming Up Next: Blarney Castle, Killarney National Park, and our fanciest castle hotel of the trip. Stay tuned!


Sarah xoxo

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