Ireland-Bound Pt. 2: Cute & Comfy

Hey, y’all!

Our trip is getting closer and closer, and I’m getting more and more excited! This post is going to be about some clothing items and accessories I bought for this trip, as well as for future travel. We’ll start from the bottom up.

Storm III Waterproof Hiking Shoes for Ladies

from The North Face

Photo of Women's Storm III Waterproof Hiking Shoes from The North Face
$109.99; Bass Pro Shop

I’m pretty sure the last time I got new hiking shoes/boots, my age was in the single digits. (I’m not exactly Queen of the Outdoors–glamping is more my speed.) Anyway, I read several posts online that recommended having some waterproof hiking boots for wandering around the Irish countryside. The hightop boot style isn’t really my thing, so I was looking for an actual shoe. I found these at Bass Pro Shop and loved them! They’re super comfy; I wore them one Saturday thinking I needed to break them in, but they’re good to go as-is. This color way isn’t showing on The North Face’s website, but they’re the same price as Bass Pro.

They have a Vibram sole for extra grip, a breathable mesh upper with waterproof membrane technology, anti-microbial OrthoLite footbeds, lots of cushioning, and great mid-foot support. I also just love the fact that they look more like hardcore sneakers than stereotypical hiking boots.

I’m super pleased with the compression socks I bought for the flight, too. I have 6 more pairs on the way that I’m going to use throughout the trip, but they’re taking forever to ship from New Jersey.

Women’s Denim Leggings with Pockets

from No Nonsense

Photo of Women's Denim Leggings from No Nonsense
$14.97; Amazon

Ok, I’ll fully admit that I used to be super judgy about jeggings, but I get it now. They’re super comfy, and for a trans-Atlantic flight, they’re perfect. These have a fake fly and fake front pockets, but the back pockets are real. I doubt I’ll use them, but whatever. I like the dark color and the softness of the fabric.

Chloe Glow Women’s Jacket


Photo of Chloe Glow Travel Jacket from SCOTTeVEST

Last Christmas I bought my husband the BauBax Men’s Sweatshirt. We had seen it blow up on Kickstarter, and they were having a holiday sale. I thought about buying a women’s one for me but decided not to. Now I’m super glad I didn’t because I LOVE this SCOTTeVEST jacket!

The cut is really flattering; it’s not bulky or baggy. It boasts 18 pockets–it took me a while to find some of them, and I honestly still haven’t found #18 yet. There are even pockets inside of pockets! There are pockets for your ID, camera & SD card, passport, tablet…the list goes on. The glasses pocket even comes with a chamois attached, and the chamois has a map of the jacket printed on it (I’m gonna need that!) There are loops along the neck to hold your earbuds, and there are buttonholes throughout the jacket that connect pockets to each other, so you can feed cables throughout as needed.

The sleeves also have a contrast cuff you can fold up, and those cuffs have thumb holes. This jacket is going to be perfect for flying, and the moisture wicking fabric means it will be great for trekking around without getting too warm. One feature I don’t understand is the infinity zipper–the front zipper literally goes all the way to the top of the hood, covering your face completely. It’s too fitted for that to be comfortable, so it’s not like I can use that to nap on the plane. If I did, I’d wake up with a zipper imprint on my nose. Oh well, no big. Honestly my ONLY complaint about this jacket is the fact that while it is machine washable, you can’t put it in the dryer. I’ll live.

Women’s Ultimate Gore Windstopper Hoody

from Mammut


This jacket is discontinued on the Mammut website, but you can find it in select sizes on other sites. I found this one on eBay for less than half of the original retail price. Somehow even though I live in Florida, where it rains all summer, I didn’t own a rain jacket, other than a short trench coat. This Mammut jacket is nice and lightweight, is a flattering slim cut, packs away nicely, and is really comfy. I don’t really understand the point of 2-way zippers on the front and sides, but whatever. I was kind of “meh” about the color because it looked like a seafoam in the photos, but in reality it’s a pretty Tiffany Blue. I would have preferred grey for versatility, but this will make it harder for Jeff to lose me in crowds. 🙂

I think Mammut’s jackets are made with climbing in mind, so several of their jackets have hoods that are helmet compatible. This appears to be one of them, so I should have room to wear a ponytail with little issue.

7-Piece Packing Cubes w/ Shoe Bag

from Mossio Travel

Photo of 7 Piece Packing Cube Set with Shoe Bag from Mossio Travel
$12.99-$15.99; Amazon

I picked up this handy set of packing cubes and laundry bags to help organize my suitcase, and it came with a shoe bag. Each cube has a handle on one side, and the non-mesh sides are a durable water-resistant nylon. I’m obsessed with anything organization-related, so I’m actually looking forward to packing……what?

Side note: as a woman, I hate the “pink tax” as much as anyone else, and for the first time ever, the pink set was cheaper than any of the other colors! Win!

Anti-Theft Signature Quilted Expansion Crossbody

from Travelon Bags

Photo of Anti-Theft Signature Quilted Expansion Crossbody in "Smoke" from Travelon Bags
$75; Travelon Bags

I only wanted to bring one purse with me on the trip, so I was looking for ideas on The Container Store’s travel section of their website. I came across several Travelon bags and was intrigued. Theft isn’t something I’m super worried about on this trip, considering that we won’t be spending a whole lot of time in big cities, but it will be nice to have for future travel.

Anti-Theft Features:

  • Main compartment has an organizer with RFID blocking card and passport slots
  • Main compartment and front pocket have zipper pulls that hook onto D-rings
  • Slash-resistant body panels and shoulder strap
  • Lockdown strap

I also like that the fabric seems to be water-resistant, and the pink lining is pretty. 🙂 The fact that it has a zippered gusset around the outer edge means I can expand it to fit everything I need with no problem at all.

PS: I got it cheaper on Amazon. 🙂

Slim Business 17″ Computer Backpack

from Kopack

Photo of Slim Anti-Theft Business Laptop Backpack from Kopeck
$36.99; Amazon

I have my Barracuda carry-on bag that I love, but I needed a personal item that was easier to carry than a tote. Since I’m planning on starting grad school next fall, it made sense to look for a backpack and kill two proverbial birds in one stone.

I ended up choosing this grey one for its features:

  • The laptop compartment is anti-theft in 2 ways: it has a zipper pull that clips to a D-ring, and it’s also located behind the straps, making it impossible for someone to take something out of it while you’re wearing it. It can also fit up to a 17″ laptop.
  • The main compartment has a double-layer anti-puncture zipper closure, and the zipper pulls can be locked together with a small lock (not sold with the backpack).
  • It has a USB port to be able to charge a phone/iPod/whatever, and the cable that connects that port to a power source is detachable. The backpack doesn’t come with a power bank, but it does come with the cable. I didn’t want a built-in cable because when the cable eventually goes bad (they always do), that feature would end up being useless.
  • It’s water- and tear-resistant.
  • It has a slim profile while still having lots of pockets to organize everything I need.

I was that nerd growing up that absolutely LOVED back-to-school shopping and getting my backpack, binders, etc. organized for the new year. Nothing has really changed, so I’m super excited to get this backpack all ready for flying across the Atlantic!

What are some clothing items and accessories you can’t bear to travel without? I’d love to hear about them!

Have a great week.


Sarah xoxo

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