Ireland-Bound Pt. 1: Charged & Organized

Hey, y’all!

Our belated Irish honeymoon is just a few weeks away, and I’m so excited! We’ve been buying stuff to prepare for our trip, and I decided to do a 3-part blog series about it. Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3, and in the meantime, let’s jump into part 1: traveling overseas as conveniently as possible with electronic devices. So far the only thing we haven’t figured out is what we’re doing with our cell phones. Since we’re going to be renting a car and driving around, we want to have navigation available. We need to go to the AT&T store and figure out what our options are. Any suggestions from fellow travelers?

When I think about using electronics, the first thing I think about is a power source, and traveling overseas means I’m going to need an adapter to keep my devices charged. When I spent a summer in London during college, I bought a set of adapters that had me covered for all the major plug types, but that only means being able to plug in one device at a time. Now it’s 2018, and I was able to get something way more convenient:

Power Plug Travel Adapter International w/ 5 USB Ports

from Sublimeware

Photo of Power Plug Travel Adapter from Sublimeware
$23.45; Sublimeware

It has 3 different switches that each expose a different plug type: C (used in Europe, South America, and Asia), G (used in the UK and a few other places, and A (used in the US and other places). The pins for the A can also be tilted in to become type I, which is used in Australia. This website is a handy reference. With this one adapter, I could have up to 6 devices plugged in at any given time: 4 in the USB ports, 1 in the Type C USB port, and one in the regular socket. It claims to work in over 150 countries, so hopefully we’ll be set for awhile. 🙂

It also came with a little carrying case, but we’ll be storing it in this with our cables and such:

Glendale 2-Layer Organizer in “Heather Coral”

from Bagsmart

Photo of Glendale 2-Layer Organizer in Heather Coral from Bagsmart
$27.99; Bagsmart

I saw this one of those lists of 30-something things on Amazon that you didn’t know you needed, and it was so true! Until I bought this, traveling with electronics meant wrapping each of my cables with double sided velcro and then putting all of those in a zipper bag of some sort. The velcro would get stuck on stuff all the time, and any bulkier plugs would have to go somewhere else in my suitcase. Now I can put it all in one place. The elastic bands in the top layer keep cables neat and organized, there are mesh pockets for things like batteries, and there are even little pockets for SIM and SD cards. The bottom layer has a padded pocket that fits up to a 10″ tablet and padded dividers that velcro together, so they can be configured in different ways to best accommodate items like adapters, a mouse, etc. It’s made of a water-resistant polyester, and its dimensions (10.8″L x 8.3″W x 3.7″H) mean it will fit nicely into my carry-on bag.

What are the electronic devices you can’t travel without? Any suggestions on the phone thing would be much appreciated.


Sarah xoxo

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